How a Smart Thermostat Can Help You Save Money

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You’ve heard about them?

Smart thermostat is all the rage nowadays. These helpful machines have a lot of benefits neatly packaged within them, thanks to all the advancements in modern technology. Back in the good old days, if you wanted to control your heating or cooling system, you would have to buy an electromechanical thermostat. Those models used mercury on a bi-metallic sensor to detect changes in the temperature.

Now we all know how that can pose certain health risks, so thermostats that run on mercury aren’t as appealing as they used to be.

Then the electronic versions came. These are a bit more modern because they make use of digital screens and electronic signals to serve the same purpose, only in a more efficient way. Programmable thermostats became the new ‘thing’ for the masses.

Thermostats became more and more advanced, adding more features such as touch screen and wireless capabilities to please more homeowners.

And just when you thought the thermostat could develop no more, the ‘smart’ models were introduced.

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Not only are they programmable, these smart thermostats are also capable of ‘learning’ your habits, so it can adjust the room temperature automatically based on your previously chosen settings.

It also gives you energy-saving data so you can learn how to adjust your preferences in a way that pleases Mother Nature.

Some smart thermostats also let you control them remotely, with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity, and a compatible device such as a smartphone, a PC, or a tablet.

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Now as beneficial as these models may be, the question still stands: can these smart thermostats actually help you save money?

Fortunately, you have found this handy guide that will show you all the possible ways that a smart thermostat can help you save up. There are several, come to think of it.

First things first, it is common knowledge that a smart thermostat is much more expensive than a regular one. And you shouldn’t be surprised, especially with all the great features that a high-tech smart thermostat can give you. But the real issue here is whether it is worth the money, and if it can give you enough service for your investment.

If you ask the manufacturers of the most popular smart thermostat brands, of course they are going to tell you that their models are energy-efficient, and it will help you reduce the numbers on your energy bill. In some ways, that is true.

Thermostats Save Your Money

For an average smart thermostat price of $250 dollars, you will usually get 10 to 12% savings on your heating system, and 15% on your cooling. This translates to about $131-$145 dollars in savings per year.

But of course, there are other factors that you must consider when computing just how much energy you are saving. This includes your habits and how often you use your heating and cooling systems; the cost of utilities; and the climate and how it naturally affects your home’s temperature.

That said, a smart thermostat will definitely reduce your energy bill by a small percentage, again depending on how you use it. At the rate of savings shown above, it may take two years for your investment to pay off. This is a slow but sure progress.

Now remember that you will also be spending some money on installation, if you don’t plan to switch your old thermostat with the new one all by yourself. You will have to pay for professional assistance to get these smart thermostats up and running, since they are not plug and play units. Nevertheless, if you can do it by yourself, you are already ensuring a faster way of getting your money back.

After all, there are plenty of tutorials on the internet that show you how to do it without assistance.

Take note that smart thermostats can be more practical to use if you are a homeowner because you can be sure that the model will serve you for years to come, as soon as it is installed in your house.

Another way that a smart model can help you save money is by showing you your usage data in clear LCD. If you are the type of user who likes studying this kind of data, you will find it easier to figure out how to save up on money. This is because a smart model not only tracks your temperature preferences; it also shows you how you can improve these habits.

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Basically, what a smart thermostat does is learn from you, so it can serve you to the best of its ability. It learns what temperature you want for a certain day, for a certain time, so you don’t have to program it afterwards. This is the part where you get back the money you spent.

The part where you save money is when you learn from your thermostat how you can use your heating and cooling system more efficiently. Being a smart human being, you can make the most out of your investment by working with the smart thermostat to achieve the best possible results.