About Us

Home automation is a process that can either be extremely simple, or downright frustrating. The process of installing it can be complex, because we are talking about multiple appliances running in unison. It can be very difficult to figure out.

Team SmartYourHouse

But we are team that is here to help.

We are a dedicated group of home automation experts who have seen it all: we’ve been through all the rough and rocky roads; we have learned all the processes involved in home automation; and we can easily guide you throughout the entire journey.

We started out as a small group, each member having a particular area of expertise. Some were electricians who have installed plenty of automated appliances; some are very familiar with the workings of HVAC systems; and some are home automation enthusiasts who love making life easier in every possible way.

We got together and pooled our knowledge – of course with the help of a few expert web designers – to bring you this wonderful site that will serve as your go-to guide in all things “home” and all things “automated.”

Consider us your helpful online friends. That’s how we see ourselves as a group. Our mission is to transform your home into the best living space it could possibly be. We will be entrusting you with all of our knowledge, so you won’t be in the dark once you finally decide to step into the future.

The first knowledge refers to several best thermostats, which reviews and scores you can read here.

Once again, welcome to SmartYourHouse.