2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat

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Have you ever heard of 2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat? It’s a great manufacturing company that is quickly making a name for itself in the thermostat industry. Doesn’t sound familiar? Well that’s because they are more popular in the field of home automation and home security, particularly in relation to Z-Wave. They’ve been in the game for at least 2007.

2GIG CT100 Thermostat






Pros & Cons

Now one of the amazing things about this 2GIG CT100 thermostat can be found in its price tag. All of the great things we mentioned earlier come at a price of less than a hundred dollars. Imagine that. A device that links easily into your home automation system and delivers great control over your home’s temperature, at a price of less than a hundred dollars: that’s the kind of product most other products strive to become.
It also gives you a prolonged service with the help of its two year battery life. Yes, this thermostat can run on batteries alone. In fact, it runs on four AA batteries.
If you are lucky enough to have a C-Wire on your system, you can hook it up to this thermostat as well, so it would have continuous power. Just ask for professional assistance if you are not familiar with wiring and how to connect them.
The greatest advantage of this 2GIG CT100 thermostat is also its biggest, most obvious downside. It requires a Z-Wave hub to work, so it will not function at all if you don’t have one. Sadly, you will have to consider either getting a home automation hub, or consider another thermostat.

2GIG CT100 ImageIf all of this sounds foreign to you, then we’ve already got a few similarities I wasn’t familiar with this concept awhile back either. After all, we’re here to learn more about thermostats. But as it turns out, there is a unique and special kind of thermostat known as the Z-Wave, which not everyone has heard of before.

Basically, a Z-Wave thermostat is all about home automation. It is a device that connects to all your other smart devices through a Z-Wave compatible home automation hub such as Wink, SmartThings, and VeraLite.

So that’s what sets this model apart from the rest of the programmable thermostat crowd. It’s got all these amazing features that easily hook up to the rest of your HVAC system, through the use of the Z-Wave hub.

If that still doesn’t make sense to you, we will go ahead and introduce you to the 2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat and show you most of the things it could offer, to convince you that it is one great thermostat.

Be reminded that to use this model you will need a Z-Wave hub, so if you’ve got that part checked off the list, or if you are interested in having one, then read on.

2GIG CT100 Basic Functions

As a basic, 2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat it readily does its job of controlling your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. It can even handle 4-stage heating systems.

But we all know that most programmable thermostats can already offer that kind of service. So what really makes this model shine is its ability to synch with your other smart devices via the Z-Wave home automation hub.

If you have device connected to it, you can make use of those to safely access this 2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat. You can literally control and adjust your temperature using these compatible devices.

That said it does not use Wi-Fi networks to give you remote access to your 2GIG CT100 thermostat. That’s a pretty neat and handy feature to have.

Additionally, it allows you to program specific temperature schedules for all seven days, meaning you can maximize your energy efficiency. Not only that, it lets you take control of your system’s on and off schedule to enhance your comfort. Say goodbye to cold mornings and sweaty afternoons.

This 2GIG CT100 programmable thermostat functions like a smart unit even without the Wi-Fi connectivity, thanks to its intelligent features and overall design. To say it simply, it provides seamless integration with your Z-Wave hub to give you lots of control.

That goes without saying that you can also control the thermostat by accessing it directly, instead of through another device.

2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat2GIG CT100 Additional Features

This humble device does not offer a lot of extra features, knowing that the 2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat capabilities are impressive enough for most users. But come to think of it, it does give you a high quality service, and this is proven by the thermostat’s sleek design.

It has a simple white exterior, meaning it will blend in well with whatever wallpaper or background you have in your home. You don’t want anything that is too flashy or distracting, so sometimes it is a better idea to go for the simple devices. Thermostats are rarely the highlight of any room, after all.

Add in the fact that this was made ‘ultra slim,’ in comparison to the older versions of this model, and you’ve got a thermostat that looks sleek and stylish, but doesn’t take all the attention for itself.


The screen part is the total opposite of its soft-spoken frame because it features a bright, LED back-lit display. With this, you will never have to worry about reading the screen in the dark. This is perfect for those late night temperature adjustments.

With its touch screen display, making these adjustments is made even easier.

While it does not boast a lot of additional functions, you will still find many things to love about this 2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat.

2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat


Despite its limitations, it does reward Z-Wave hub owners in a big way. It’s like getting another piece of high-tech equipment for your automated home. Nothing can be cooler than that.

It is also a great replacement thermostat for Z-Wave users, because it is easy to install. It may look like a regular, programmable model to most people, but it is much more than that.

Consider checking this out if you are looking for a wonderful 2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat. With its amazing set of features, and incredibly affordable price, you couldn’t go wrong with this one.


  • Ultra Slim Form Factor
  • Two Year Battery Life
  • 4 Stage Heat
  • Bright Display with Touch Screen
  • Ultra Slim Form Factor^Two Year Battery Life^4 Stage Heat^Bright Display with Touch Screen
Brand: 2gig
Manufacturer: 2gig
Warranty: Two Year Battery Life


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