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The moment you took out your laptop, or got in front of your PC to open this webpage, you’ve already answered that question. You, dear reader, are ready for the future.

And just like that, you are so much closer to living a more comfortable life in the 21st Century. Why? Because you have found a convenient place to learn everything you need to know about home automation.

Welcome to SmartYourHouse.

Here you will learn everything you could possibly know about the fast-growing trend. We will even teach you how you could apply it to your very own home! We could not deny that technology has become an essential part of our lives. We could no longer live without them. Many old-fashioned souls will disagree with this, but life would be so much more difficult without the aid of modern-day inventions.

And who’s to say that we couldn’t embrace this positive change by employing these helpful gadgets and using them to their fullest capabilities? We could fulfill all of our needs faster and easier, with the help of these advancements in technology. After all, it is everywhere we look nowadays, so we might as well enjoy it.

Now if you truly want to make your life easier, the best way to do it is to get a home automation system running. This is very similar to building automation systems which are often used in businesses and other establishments, except it goes on a more intimate level. It goes right into the very core of your home. This is the residential version we’re talking about.

But before we go and recommend some of the best items you could use to automate your home, we will first list down some of the reasons why you should consider doing it in the first place.

So, what are the advantages of automating your home?

Well basically, it lets you take absolute control over your house’s appliances and equipment by hooking it up to one, unified system. That alone tells you that it has a lot of possible functions, which is true because there are many household items out there that are compatible with these systems. If it runs on electricity, there’s a good chance that it can be automated. Even some non-electronic items can be compatible with these, so the possibilities are actually endless!

Lighting – You can use home automation to control the lighting in each and every room. Turn it on and off without having to get up and get closer to the switch! This is an efficient way to save energy. It also gives you sufficient light where you need it, especially at night.

Security – You can use an automation system (also known as a Z-Wave hub) to take your house’s security to the next level, ensuring additional protection without bothering you too much. Take manual control of your locks and chains, and you will never have to worry about robbers and serial killers ever again. You may even install security cameras and monitor them effortlessly! Talk about building your own fortress of impenetrable safety.

SmartYourHouse HVAC systemHVAC – Home automation can also be used for your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. This includes all of your appliances that affect your home’s temperature such as your furnace, or your air conditioning unit. Normally, these would be controlled by a handy thermostat, and fortunately, you can automate that as well. This way, you will never have to suffer a hot afternoon, or an extremely cold morning. With the best thermostat and a great home automation system to back it up, your home will always be in the perfect temperature, no matter what day and no matter what weather you are currently having.

In fact, here in SmartYourHouse, we have listed down some of the best thermostats that you can find out there in the market. We have also reviewed each and every one of them, so picking one will be a breeze. All you will have to do is choose one that gives the kind of service you need.

You can’t go wrong with the thermostat reviews you’ll find on this site. They are highly recommended.

Entertainment – Many entertainment sets can be automated, allowing you to turn them on and off without even getting close to the switch. You can enjoy your home to the fullest with an automated television or music player. Your home is a place where you can be yourself and enjoy all the things you love. Watch your favorite movies and listen to your favorite music. It’s not hard to be entertained when everything is coordinated by your fingertips.

Other Benefits – There are other advantages to having an automated home. It is useful for the elderly, because they can’t afford to move around as much as we can. So to make life easier for them, a home automation system gives a wide array of options that they can use to ensure that the appliances to their needs, and not the other way around.

Home automation is also very effective for saving energy. It pays to have a unit that centralizes and controls all of your appliances especially if you want to reduce the cost of your energy bill.

Even domestic robots can be automated, so if you want to go even deeper into the ‘future zone,’ this is a good way to do it.

Here in SmartYourHouse, we will help you gain all the information you need once you decide to automate your home. We have helpful guides, tips, tricks, and in-depth reviews of the greatest devices out there, that you can incorporate with your home.

Remember that this entire thing is a personal journey. Only you can identify what your home’s needs are, and what kind of service you will most find convenient. You can try to observe what activities you do at home most often, and if any of these can be automated. The greatest thing about home automation systems nowadays is that they are easily accessed via smart phones and tablets. It meaning you can literally control everything with your fingertips. It even lets you have remote control with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Like we said, you are definitely ready to step into the future. And we are here to help.

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